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Glade and property binding: Finally continued

November 15, 2011

Google Summer of Code is long since over, and I still haven’t posted anything new about my project, GObject property binding in GtkBuilder and Glade, since mid-July. (By the way, I passed the final evaluation! Thanks again to my mentor, Juan Pablo Ugarte, and everything else involved!) This has essentially three reasons:

  • Since my last post, I didn’t actually achieve anything feature-wise because I had quite a lot of refactoring to do to get the code into shape. (Actually, I did implement support for transformation functions as I had planned, but had to tear that out again because it is not entirely clear how to implement this on the GTK+ side without introducing annoying bits of new API; see the tracking bug for the GTK+ branch.)
  • Between being busy studying and doing other things, I didn’t spend any time on the code for several weeks.
  • To be honest, I just easily forget such things…

But today, I decided to change this. In fact, I am writing this to tell you that I recently have begun to continue my work in order to resolve all the problems remaining before the code is worthy to enter Glade/GTK+ master. Currently I am concentrating on the Glade side; for those interested in the details, see the message I sent to the glade-devel mailing list today.

I hope that that these branches will soon be ready for prime time. Stay tuned!


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