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buddycloud HTTP API deployed – Try it!

June 13, 2012


After some fumbling around (and one or two failed attempts – thanks to Simon Tennant for his patience :)), I finally managed to deploy the HTTP API server I’m working on to This means you can start playing around with it now!

For starters, the API lets you view every buddycloud channel as an Atom feed with a simple HTTP URL. For instance, the posts of the channel, on which much GSoC-related discussion takes place, is made accessible as Go ahead and try out the link – the channel is public and thus doesn’t require authentication. This is how it is displayed inside of Firefox on my PC:

If you have an account at (it’s trivial to set one up if you don’t – you only need to supply a username, password and e-mail address), you can also use the API to post to a channel. For instance, here is how you can greet us with a post to the “lounge” channel by using cURL:

curl -u --data-binary "<entry xmlns=''><content>Hey</content></entry>"

More details can be found on my project’s wiki page. Have fun!

One Comment
  1. Justin Karneges permalink

    Hi Denis, this is very cool. I’ve been waiting for you guys to start developing this API. Earlier this year, Simon and I had discussed the possibility of collaboration between Buddycloud and my project (a data delivery service), and I wonder if working together on this API might be a good fit. I could not find your contact info, but if you could email at that would be great. Thanks. 🙂

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