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Demo client for the buddycloud HTTP API

June 30, 2012


This week, I decided to start dogfooding the HTTP API I am developing for buddycloud. The result is buddycloud-http-client, a minimalist web app that is supposed to offer functionality similar to the official web client (viewing channel posts, posting and commenting, real-time updates etc.), but implemented using HTTP API requests instead of talking to the XMPP server directly over BOSH (and, naturally, much less polished – this is only thought as a demonstration, after all). Currently, the client looks like this:

As you can see, there is not much functionality there yet – you can just view the most recent posts of a particular channel, plus a very modest amount of metadata, and there are no dynamic updates yet – but hey, it’s a start. During the Google Summer of Code timeframe, I am going to extend the client’s functionality to match the features that the HTTP API has to offer (and put features into the API that may be required by the clien).

The code can be found on GitHub. I have also also uploaded it to my small ARM home server box at so that you to can play around with it. By default, it just loads the channel and shows its most recent posts; to view another channel, add ?channel=<channel-id> to the URL. For instance, the following link shows the channel:

I hope to present a more full-featured version of this client to you in the near future.


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