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buddycloud HTTP API progress

June 22, 2012

Hello again! Since I have deployed the buddycloud HTTP API server to, it gained some new tricks I implemented during this and the last week. It is now possible to get some metadata about a host like this:

GET /channels/ HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "title": "Lounge",
  "description": "Welcome to buddycloud!",
  "access_model": "open",
  "channel_type": "topic",
  "default_affiliation": "publisher"

This feature is already deployed. Here is an example link for the channel. The next task on my to-do list is to make this metadata editable via POST requests.

Another thing I implemented is the possibility to get the list of users subscribed to a channel node, and to (un)subscribe to/from a node. While this works fine with my regression tests, the buddycloud-server version installed on seems to be slightly out-of-date and creates somewhat non-standard Pub-Sub <affiliations/> replies (the “jid” attributes are missing). For this reason, requests such as GET /channels/ return an empty subscriber list currently. I hope this will be sorted out soon.

On the non-coding side, I did some work to document the interfaces I have implemented so far on the buddycloud HTTP API page, using the nice template Simon came up with (I wrote the sections whose titles start with /channels/<name>@domain/…). Hopefully, this does a reasonable job explaining how the API can be used, although some information from my GSoC wiki page is still be missing (e.g., concerning authentication and sessions). I’ll migrate everything valuable to the “official” page during the summer.

That’s all for now. Expect a new post from me soon.

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